Keep Your Integrity, Self-esteem and Personal Perspective

• Always come to terms with life but only advisedly.
♣ Never come to terms with the world except unavoidably.

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Kids Are Innately Entitled

• Youth presumes parental provision.
♣ A child is the treasure that keeps on taking.

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Blaming the Victims: Trump Detractors Dissed Defending Honor, Freedom, Human Rights and Social Justice Currently Under Siege


♣ Spoiled sports? Sore losers? Crybabies? These are the kinds of cheap shots Trump supporters are taking lately at American voters who rue the election of Donald J. Trump, hordes of voters filling city streets nationwide and giving voice to their grave concern, dissent and solidarity.

The regular shots range in order of magnitude from shallow and inaccurate to false and misleading. In general each is lame, imprecise and misdirected of course. After all, their aim is to peg as mostly hypersensitive, unruly, ungracious and infantile the victims of Donald Trump and their dissent against his outright abuse, victims pegged by the dubious leader before the whole world as indefensibly different, suspect, ominous, vile, inferior, undesirable, in effect as somewhat less than human.

Trump’s abuse, harsh, constant, un-American, sets the kind of sad and dangerous precedent which begs public rebuke and renunciation from a free and diverse society. When bursts of rebuke and renunciation do emerge, much in the name of honor, ethics, freedom and social justice, however, large groups of Trump-supporting name-callers emerge as well to belittle it.

There are many reasons name-callers cast their cheap aspersions on recipients of Donald Trump’s abuse. One is that they’re desperate to obscure beneath a vast barrage of false accusations those who call maltreatment what it is. Another is that many shallower Trump-supporting name-callers view broad anti-Trump sentiment as tonic for the crestfallen, pap for the defeated when in fact it’s utter lifeblood for untold numbers of Americans who’ve sustained a heavy blow from this president.

In the main, however, Trumpite name-callers hope to make small an issue undeniably huge. They hope to make miniscule the elephant in the parlor, to dismiss as insignificant and petty the preponderance of Donald Trump victims and their outraged advocates filling up the streets of America yelling foul.

They stage their cheap derisions little guessing those who seek to label others flash the hallmark of dysfunction and sooner or later do what all dysfunctionals do. They blame the victim, in this case projecting on Trump’s particular victims and their backers all blame for that abuse the new president himself has heaped on them.

By this trick they mitigate blame in the real culprit, collectively Donald Trump and all his venomous name-callers, unaware of just how transparent and rife with dysfunction their flimsy theatrics look to the astute.

What gall not to take their abuse and like it, these too-dismissive name-callers seem to fault victims–like dissing minority groups as Trump has done is democratic while democratic activism against it is not.

Trump voters swear their candidate won democratically. They inform us that in this way democracy has been served and therefore Clintonite dissenters ought to shut up and deal with it.

Dissenting Clinton voters make a finer distinction however. Since an unjust man won by democratic vote, they say, democracy has been served and yet justice has not. They make a good point. At that, they make the whole point.

Anti-Trump sentiment in the American streets has nothing to do with winning and losing per say but rather with what manner of man has won and what that manner of man’s having won will mean for countless Americans targeted by Trump throughout the unrivaled travesty which marked his presidential campaign, what it will mean for all Americans as a treacherous blow to democracy, freedom and social justice.

It’s about social justice and Trump is front and center in the brouhaha, Trump who really was elected democratically in the technical sense but only after he stomped on social justice with the alacrity of a small boy breezing through a penny candy store waving a shiny silver dollar clasped hotly in his hand.

Now he says the only thing that matters is that he won. How can Trump be that out of touch with the people, that oblivious to the irony of a win at their expense, that bereft of personal principles as to proudly place winning above fair play and social responsibility?

Is Donald Trump a man without discernment or a man without honor? To be sure he’s a man of rather questionable integrity with a long-languishing sense of human respect, no small considerations for the up and coming leader of perhaps the world’s freest, most pluralistic society.

Such a dirth of human respect shows a gross lack of principles. Where principles are few and inconsistant the values and priorities of a government and the society under its jurisdiction soon grow dangerously skewed. A cavalier stance grips the nation over time. In awhile patterns of living become erratic. Intolerance, incivility and violence rise and flourish.

In the absence of principles there can be no truth, no order, no anchor, no sound frame of reference for the norms, mores, values and priorities of a people, no dependable criteria for human interaction, no reliable paradigm for human behavior.

The powerful seize control and do whatever serves themselves. The weak regress into self-absorption and mayhem. Time will tell just how this cavalier posture plays out in Trump’s imminent first term as chief executive.

It beggars belief that after such brash and stunningly un-American antics by a would-be statesman, such inconceivably raw, rabid, racial, ethnic, religious and sexual slurs as Donald Trump slung in his scourge of a presidential bid, there still exist Trump supporters who take his hapless victims and their natural, dutiful, infinitely democratic protestations lightly, who trivialize their sense of denigration and betrayal then mock their plight in general with Trumped-up charges of “spoiled sport,” “sore loser” and “crybaby,” charges little children might bring against other little children who are losing ungraciously at hopscotch.

How, after the brutal, more than year long, bigotry-charged and very public tongue lashing Americans underwent from Trump, could hecklers even dream any pigeonholed person, any demonized minority is anything but legitimately concerned for their welfare these days?

Are they blind or do they grasp indeed the flagrant stigmatization of a few with all of its deep, profoundly darksome implications, grasp its toll and opt anyway to lie, spin, distort, propagandize and diminish their fellow Americans for a vague political notion, some prescribed, heady, nationalistic whim, some distorted, self-aggrandizing myth about their own unerring superiority?

Do they understand it’s not social diversity alone but American honor, freedom, human rights and social justice, core American values and principles, the integrity of the Constitution itself that are currently under siege by Donald Trump and the extreme right elements he panders to?

Trump likely slandered those he did just to foment stronger passion and support for his political platform. He was that resolved to win at any cost.

It’s disturbing, however, to think that after all was said and done, Trump may never have taken the process, taken its negative implications or its many wretched victims very seriously, to think that in the final analysis all were mere conveniences for the candidate whose campaign was just a giant manipulation anyway.

Monumental damage has been done these many victims and America at large in the process. Some of it might be years undoing,  some beyond repair.

Whether bigoted in itself or collaborative with bigotry, this dark dynamic stands as part of a tacit subjugation process spawned by Donald Trump and now furthered by an effete corps of denigrating Trumpite name-callers.

Victims of this tacit subjugation woke November 8th to find themselves frazzled and confused, dismayed about their places in this erstwhile Promised Land so many helped to build.

They’re tentative now, indignant, apprehensive about their freedom, safety, security and prospective treatment, as many not directly stung by the process are prone to be apprehensive about the freedom, safety, security and prospective treatment of loved ones, friends, neighbors and simple fellow Americans.

They’re concerned about the future. They’re fretful about the uncharted path our country’s chosen in making Trump its forty fifth president.

Those hit squarely by the Trump dehumanization tack, its stark implications and many gritty realities in the form of violent hate crimes and racist acts, some in fact credited right to Donald Trump himself, comprise anything but disgruntled fans left supping on sour grapes.

These are the disinherited, forced to feed on poison berries, many faced with possible life-threatening situations. All feel the long-sought, hard-gotten quality of their lives reduced dramatically with the advent of Trump given the swath this man has recarved for social injustice, incivility and racial strife, a swath shaven clean beneath the double-edged scythe of bigoted rhetoric and supplication to bigots everywhere.

Hillary Clinton voters, sore losers? Well, losers, yes. Democratic minorities lost big. They lost more than just an election this time. Sore? Yeah, like anyone finally making strides and beaten down for the umpteenth time feels pretty damned sore right now, like anyone seeing the faint glimmer of unity or feeling the vague bristle of pride and suddenly faced with railing and rampant Trumpism, confronted with fresh divisiveness and dehumanization feels pretty sore right now.

Spoiled sports? Okay, sports maybe. The spoiled are accustomed to winning however. Few constant winners here I’m afraid.

Crybabies? How so? Infants don’t struggle, don’t overcome. Fledglings don’t weep for lost ground. Only the cognizant, the caring, the compassionate, the consummately mature shed a tear for lost freedom, flagging justice and inhumanity which torment the soul, shame the race, shame through empathy both victor and victim indiscriminately.

The stigmatization of those in dread of Donald Trump as none but querulous spoiled sports, sore losers and crybabies, piqued fans grieving over the loss of a sporting event is short-sighted to the point of absurdity. It’s cruel to the point of atrocity.

It trivializes vital issues and those effected by them. It doesn’t nearly characterize the many feeling justifiably threatened by a newly elected leader who has daily both directed and drawn fierce hostility toward them, fierce hostility toward their groups and toward their counterparts nationwide.

Instead of pondering just how bias came to roost with such impunity, acquiescence and instigation from top leaders here in this, of all places, the good ole USA, many Trump voters have closed their minds and reduced themselves to name-calling, minimizing a critical situation, some blind to the finer details of that situation, others hip to them all but too insensitive or biased themselves to address them.


On the one hand, demeaning epithets bantied about in this puerile bit of name-calling gravitate toward  sanctimonious dreck.

They’re drivel spewed about anti-Trump activists by a narrow, petty, vapid, heartless, largely dismissive clique of Trumpite drones loath to learn or understand what’s really at stake in the recent election for minority groups and others embroiled in passionate protest across the United States.

On the other hand, the designations made include tags affixed to activists by sharply astute, equally narrow, unfeeling but especially coy, politically driven spin-doctors, cold, practiced liars obscuring the truth by distorting the truth and finally assaulting the most basic if intricate truth running so much deeper than wounded pride or scorched ego chasing plain competitive loss, truth that lies at the heart of minority cultures, supports their safety and serenity, downright proves their rightful places in society, truth that forms the core of sacred American principles, values, rule of law, truth that embodies the very soul of our democracy.

While truth presents the one and only, steadfast, universal currency for human interaction, this diehard band of philosophical twerps continue to souse themselves in informational counterfeiting, communicational sobotage that conflates truth and impedes the advancement of all mankind. Still, incredibly, they find it a source of personal aggrandizement and pride.


In one of US history’s rarest instances, a presidential candidate acted publicly in a manner unbefitting a US president. He presumed to court brazenly and unencumbered the primal forces of racism, white supremacy and anti-Semitism. Then, winning as much because of it as in spite of the dalliance, Donald Trump acceded to the nation’s highest office.

Trump’s ostensible lies, vicious attacks on American citizens, shameless appeal to alt-rightists, bigots, misogynists and xenophobes were firmly endorsed by more than half the voting population. What were Trump voters thinking anyway? How could they not have gleaned that such a man was bad for America?

Donald Trump’s endorsement then doubled back to embolden, even mobilize the same hate factions against their traditional target groups with heightened enthusiasm, new justification and a sense of tacit, unbound executive permission, this crushing minority citizenship’s long-sought, hard-forged shield against aggression and rendering these target groups, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, women, gays and many others much weakened, more vulnerable than before, reducing them once again to the level of social pariahs, essentially bulldozing them physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually into degrading US policy-imposed exile in the confines of their own reputedly indivisible country, exile degrading as much for the country as the victims themselves.

Does this warped dynamic not run contradictory to human rights provisions? Does it not dishonor America, all Americans and the American presidency? Do we not value honor in America any more?


With election of someone who calculatingly romanced the bigoted underbelly of this nevertheless great country, a man who held minority groups up incessantly to rancor and public ridicule, millions across America feel aghast, disenfranchised, vulnerable, at serious risk, filled with understandable dread, doubt, disbelief, fear for their well-being, some for their very lives, those of loved ones, friends and fellow Americans.

Indeed, since Donald Trump’s election once inhibited racist acts and hate crimes have risen markedly, some in the name of Trump himself whom haters say inspired them.

So it is that many thousands in cities nationwide have spontaneously, without guide of leadership or organization, commandeered the city streets charged with fear, anxiety, incredulity and desperate hope as if adrift in some dystopian nightmare, fallen prey to some apocalyptic vision come to pass which, to pique their dread, some fifty percent of voters either cannot or will not concede much less comprehend, though certain of them see clearly, understand and celebrate anyway.

Spoiled sports? Sore losers? Crybabies? Americans under siege by their own is more like it.







anti-trumpprotests-group-2-14                         anti-trump-protests-group-2-7



–♦©M. D. Phillips–

Donald Trump and the High but Grievously Under-served IQ

•Intelligence doesn’t presuppose knowledge or character. Devoid of crucial knowledge the IQ, however high, remains a dubious measure of virtual ignorance. Absent of character high IQ is fundamentally dangerous.
•Having a brain is not the same as having a mind. After all, the one is potential energy, unsolicited, unearned, the other kenetic, a product of work, discipline, cultivation. Donald Trump may have a brain but there’s little proof he’s developed a mind.
♣ If it’s true what Trump boasts of his IQ and at 156 it’s the highest of any president in history, then it’s also true that his is the most under-served of all. An earnest, caring, responsible person of even average intelligence tries to learn at least something of politics, history and the human condition in hopes of being prepared for the weightiest office in the land.


–♦©M. D. Phillips–

Truth Presents the One and Only, Steadfast and Universal Currency for Human Interaction

Lies and slander corrupt the system and do so exponentially.
Without truth man is morally bankrupt, reduced to chaos, hurled inexorably backward into Babylon.
♣ Those with no respect for truth will live in the hell they took for heaven, stripped of the means to effect reform, shorn of the tools to obtain relief.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–

The Crisis of Integrity That Surrounds Donald Trump

♣ The Nominee is the party and the party the nominee. It can be no other way in a democracy. Donald Trump showed his colors early on. Nevertheless, staunch republicans failed to oust their candidate while they had the chance. It’s clear they wanted a winner first and foremost. They wanted a winner so badly in fact that they backed a man who in retrospect many consider a boar and a bigot, a loose canon, a renegade, a disruptive intruder at odds with their party’s designated values. Deeply into the circus tour that comprised the Trump campaign, signs that Donald Trump was a man of poor character seemed of little concern to the GOP. From Jump Street the authoritarian ring master flaunted brash contempt on the sleeve of his coat like a neon swasticka armband with scarce a murmur of righteous indignation from Republicans.

Trump mocks a handicapped journalist.

Now it’s official. Donald Trump is the GOP nominee. Too late. The people have spoken. Indeed the Republican party has spoken. Suddenly staunch Republicans want to distance themselves from Trump, a difficult task as now they drink from the same tainted well as he. Even now,  genie hovering sprightly over his bottle, it’s not so much Donald Trump’s poor character that’s in question as his misalignment with standard Republican values. Wow, what a sad and sobering testament to those values. Despite his brazen slander, racist rhetoric and maledictory speech, his blatant lies, childish antics, organizational nonconformity and of course the waking cries from all his outraged detractors, Trump continues to run a pretty close race. Whatever the end, republicans can’t win for the losing. For the GOP, win is lose and lose win. Whatever the end, the end is nigh for the GOP, this owing as much to lost integrity in the ranks as to the anarchistic turns of their perfidious rogue agent Donald Trump. The nominee is the party and the party the nominee. It can be no other way in a democracy.

trump-group-of-insultsYes, Republicans drink from the same tainted well today. To the unprincipled, truth, right and precedent are elusive ideas which inspire little conviction. For those who lack conviction all of life is serious quandary. Those Republicans in a quandary over Trump are simply lost as to whether to serve the party or serve their errant candidate. They’re lost as to whether to serve victory or serve the public good? Of course, the standard way to freshen a well is to disinfect the water. As long as contaminate Trump continues to dip his ladel into the party well, cleansing the dirty font remains moot however. A pure well from which all Republicans might drink these days cannot endure for one integral reason, due to one salient fact, according to one ineluctable truth. The nominee is the party and the party the nominee. It can be no other way in a democracy.


Those chosen to moderate the Republican primary debates allotted Donald Trump too much space to misbehave, space that soon unleashed a bully and his tactics, crucial stomping ground that clinched the nomination for Trump in the end. In addition, many staunch Republicans waited too long to grow a conscience. Many another party hack never did. More, many staunch Republicans waited too long for Trump to get in line. Sadly, Trump never did. Tough luck. Snooze, ya loose, morally and materially. Staunch Republicans knew from the start exactly who Trump was. As soon as they chose to hold out, they sold out. Now it’s a lock, a done deal: No deposit, no return. The nominee is the party and the party the nominee. It can be no other way in a democracy.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–

Trump Fakes Presidential: A Better Speech Is Not A Better Candidate

Donald Trump is known for his spontaneous speechifying, for his spewing of populist rhetoric in boundless stream of consciousness. He’s also known for his loose pontifications, meandering demagoguery filled with insolence, ridicule and accusation, rife with malediction, derision and disparagement, bristling with hubris, racism and slander, festering with anger, intolerance and turmoil. For a year now the whole world has borne witness to it.

trump 15

Suddenly, though, at a Trump rally in North Carolina on 8/18, hours after a dramatic change in Trump campaign leadership, the candidate gave a more disciplined, more cohesive and more presidential speech than he ever has before.

Can this speech, a drastic, opportune departure from the rabble-rousing tirades of his sordid past reflect a sudden transformation in Trump’s personal makeup? Has Donald Trump changed? Can a superficial reference to contrition by an erstwhile vicious and impenitent bully as atonement for a solid year of unbridled impudence, untoward antics and unspeakable slurs signal newfound grace, prove earnest if belated circumspection and remorse? I don’t see how.

Trump’s taken no late shocks to the system quite seismic enough to make the leopard change his spots. The old boar behind the more refined public speaking thrives unchanged, unrepentant, uninspired, untouched. I think Donald Trump has merely gone underground. He’s opted for the optics, nothing more. He’s chosen to conceal the ugly spots for just a moment. He’s decided to appear better groomed, let his questionable image (keyword image) be artificially spun into something better fit for broad consumption under the auspices of a new and ruthless force at the helm.

trump 14

A quick image overhaul is not character evolution. A turn to diplomatic means is not a change of heart. Giving one professional speech all of a sudden does little to erase a whole year of ignoble sentiment. Tailoring a speech out of the blue to the druthers of true conservative voters can’t conceal the speaker’s proven identity. No amount of damage control can mend the tarnished image of a visible, now well-studied Donald Trump.

Steve Bannon can’t mask sufficiently the haughty, devious, overweening cad whom Trump remains and who, even if he doesn’t host personally the contagions of ethnic, religious and sexual bias, does to a large extent court, indulge, dispense and fan the flames of all these grievous wrongs.

trump 24

Trump fuels that prejudicial anger and intolerance which is tantamount to hatred and violence. He does so quite consistently and effectively, not so much through open hate mongery as through more subtle weaponry like racist rhetoric, divisive solicitation, clear, emboldening innuendo and that omnipresent, inspirational, swaggering ascendancy of the outright, dyed-in-the wool supremist.

Donald Trump remains the very miscreant he was before his latest speech, the same vicious, vacuous, vituperative vipor, the same panderer to bigots and misogynists, elitists and xenophobes, the identical purveyor of doom, fear and slander that Donald Trump has always been. Guaranteed.

Unfortunately, narcissism, arrogance, ignorance, autocracy, recklessness, profanity and bigotry, vile traits, all traits intrinsic to this one specific rich, spoiled, dyed-in-the-wool, uniquely insular septuagenarian, won’t likely vanish overnight. Of course Trump has been admonished for them all and there’s a sage old adage that applies to this awkward circumstance, to wit: If three people say you’re sick, lie down. Trump never does lie down however. Instead he seems impervious to criticism of any kind or quantity.

Then again, the presidential hopeful neither sees nor acknowledges his own fatal flaws, lauding even negative commentary positive publicity. He’s out of touch and obstinate too. Indeed, the numb-nutted needler seems to sense little outside pressure to lie down, whatever staggering number of provident and well-meaning observers bid him kindly do so. Perhaps this unwavering obstinacy derives from Trump’s stubborn self image or a die-hard element of his obvious narcissism.

In any case, there’s wisdom in the adage and I sense that while he’s loath to lie down of his own volition, reckless Donald Trump will likely fall down instead and very soon, good lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise. In the end it’s simple anyway, despite how tickled pink pundits are to harp on mere public image and the consequential need for phony speeches to promote it. It’s not just the speech but the man behind the speech who must prove presidential. Good luck with that one, Donny.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–

Melania Mimes Michelle in an Utter Symphony of Indiscretion, Attribution, Plagiarism and Campaign Incompetence

Melania at Podium Picture

♣ Melania Trump was stalwart, poised and eloquent in the deliverance of her speech honoring husband, now presidential nominee Donald Trump, at the Republican National Convention on July 18th. That was opening day of the RNC. Since then, however, it’s grown apparent that parts of Melania’s speech were taken pretty much verbatim from a speech Michelle Obama gave to honor her own husband Barack Obama eight years ago at the DNC. Before her speech Melania Trump told Matt Lauer of NBC “I wrote it.  And with as little help as possible.”

Whether it’s true Melania cribbed parts of the First Lady’s speech herself or accepted the help of a falsehearted accessory before the fact, some friend or professional speechwriter perhaps, doesn’t matter much. Effectively the result was just the same. The wife of Donald Trump presented someone else’s words as her own at a major political do for all the world to see. Melania Trump is no professional speechwriter of course. In all fairness then, the amateur must be granted a little grace despite what amounts to a wrongful indiscretion nonetheless, a possible amateur miscalculation or maybe a poor beginner’s oversight, one made on Melania’s part or the part of a likewise inept aid. Remember, however, she did declare “I wrote it.  And with as little help as possible.”

Whatever the case, in making the speech Melania was playing a key role at a key event that was selling not only herself but a man who was nothing short of the newly chosen Republican Party nominee for president of the United States. More, she was playing the role before hundreds of millions. She was no callow middle school teen tinnily whining out her spruced-up book report for a twelfth grade Lit class. Jeese, where were Donald Trump’s manager and staff in regard to a major speech at a major event with the presidency at stake? Where was Donald Trump himself, spoiler, ringmaster, the man who would be king? What subterranean form of gross neglect could have preceded such an unthinkably inauspicious blunder?

At the least, Mrs. Trump’s clear appropriation of passages from the famed speech of another only begs more questions and caution about the Donald Trump campaign, its meager staff and Trump himself, a man whose personal qualifications and character stand in very serious question already. Was usage of Michelle’s words in Melania’s speech an act of attribution born of simple admiration, Melania’s personal admiration or maybe that of a certain aid or aids assisting, admiration for the First Lady’s own special prowess as a speechmaker or, perish the thought, was it out-and-out plagiarism?

Why was Melania’s speech never vetted? Wasn’t miming parts of Michelle Obama’s speech, whether in neophytic innocence or deference to a mentor, sure to render all sentiment in Melania’s own speech inauthentic, make Melania Trump herself appear shamefully disingenuous? Melania’s speech was already conspicuously devoid of personal references, details and anecdotes after all .

At the same time, It’s hard to imagine a seasoned professional tied to something as public as a political convention being daft enough to purposely pirate a well-known document. In that light it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that gross ineptitude lay at the heart of the matter.  When grouped with many another faux pas by the Trump campaign, a voter can only ask if such casual incompetence is indicative of the wholesale whimsy, alacrity and devil-may-care ease with which an elected Trump is bound to run the country, destined to lead the free world.

Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort flatly denied that Melania’s often word-for-word copy of Michelle Obama’s speech was intentional. More, he termed accusations of Trump campaign plagiarism “crazy” Tuesday morning on CNN, then in a flagrant bid to shift negative attention to his rival, blamed the accusations on what he framed a skittish Hillary Clinton. This is downright Orwellian.

With a ruse like this, Paul Manafort flies in the face of salient truth. He claims for all the world that things are not what they most clearly are. Who would have guessed the intellectually lax and incurious Donald Trump, with help from a manager thick enough to rate voters blind and stupid, would ever be first to usher in the Orwellian Age? Eliza Collins pointed out in USA Today that there was no sign Clinton was connected to the speech or its loud repercussions for that matter. Woah! Big surprise!

Paul Manafort even dared  claim similarities between Melania Trump’s speech and that of Michelle Obama were strictly coincidental, that Melania or her speechwriters selected common words to describe common values and thus some unavoidable similarities. Sorry Paul but all of those exact same words arranged in far too often just the same sequence through sentence after sentence can be no mere coincidence, even to the minds of us way down here in the busy, half-lit halls of the rank and file. You can shelf your “Stupid Meter.” It’s poorly aimed and needs calibration.

Melania and Michelle Picture

In more denial, Jason Miller, Trump’s communications advisor, threw up a thin, malodorous smoke screen. In a statement, Miller proposed that since Melania’s team of writers did draw from their notes on her “life’s inspirations” and sometimes even infused bits of “her own thinking,” the speech originated entirely with her.

Miller then dared hint, waxing most sentimentally, that because, as he put it, “Melania’s immigrant experience and love for America shone through in her speech, which made it such a success” her fellow Americans would be cold and callous indeed to acknowledge the least impropriety from this fine, exemplary figure, though that same impropriety glared out belittlingly at them all. In other words, working from a jingoistic fervor, Miller boldly spun the patriotism elements of Melania Trump’s speech in hopes of overshadowing any wrongdoing.

It seemed Tuesday morning that despite its crucial bearing on the event, we might never know precisely what Melania Trump meant when she told Matt Lauer: “I wrote it.  And with as little help as possible.” On Wednesday, however, Donald Trump staff-writer and ghostwriter of many Trump books quite contritely took blame for the indiscretion saying she worked with Melania Trump on her First Lady speech and wrote lines from Michelle Obama’s speech that were read her over the phone by Mrs. Trump as choice examples.

One Merideth McIver said she used some of the phrasing in what became Melania Trump’s final speech but then neglected to check that phrasing against Mrs. Obama’s speech, this presumably for conceptual and wording similarities. She claims she offered her resignation to Trump but the candidate wouldn’t have it.

Just prior to release of Ms. McIver’s statement, Donald Trump tweeted the message “all press is good press!” Was the issue now described as the Melania speech scandal just a nefarious ploy orchestrated by Trump and friends and appropriated as rich fodder for good negative press? If so, then precisely how much of Donald Trump’s scandalous behavior during the past year’s campaigning had been deviously gauged to serve the same objective?

It was some two days before the Donald Trump campaign so much as conceded that certain passages in Melania Trump’s speech clearly mirrored a bunch in Michelle Obama’s of 2008. In a fit of insincerity, Trump manager Paul Manafort was still denying obvious similarities in a CNN interview Wednesday morning. Crooked Hillary indeed!

–♦©M. D. Phillips–

The Upshot of Ignorance Is Lies

Chaos makes precarious ground for argument.
♣ You can’t argue with ignorance for ignorance bides in chaos and in chaos premise for argument is conflated, logic in argument skewed, the fabric of truth around argument unwoven, its threads irreparably frayed.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–

Rich, Proactive Cultural Exchange Ensures Peace

Building a world community by befriending strangers on common ground works to avert prospective enemies.
♣ While war is often advanced by isolationism and procrastination, it seems leaders have always stalled real preventative action until hostility grew critical and war itself imminent. Deep involvement and open communication between cultures make for binding relationships, understanding and trust while comprising at least one viable answer to war.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–