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Keep Your Integrity, Self-esteem and Personal Perspective

• Always come to terms with life but only advisedly.
♣ Never come to terms with the world except unavoidably.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–

Kids Are Innately Entitled

• Youth presumes parental provision.
♣ A child is the treasure that keeps on taking.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–

Donald Trump and the High but Grievously Under-served IQ

•Intelligence doesn’t presuppose knowledge or character. Devoid of crucial knowledge the IQ, however high, remains a dubious measure of virtual ignorance.  For that matter, without character high IQ is fundamentally dangerous.
•Having a brain is not quite the same as having a mind. Indeed, the one is potential energy, unsolicited, unearned, the other kenetic, a product of work, discipline, cultivation. Donald Trump may have a brain but there’s little proof he’s developed a mind.
♣ If it’s true what Trump boasts of his IQ and at 156 it’s the highest of any president in history, then it’s also true that his is the most under-served of all. An earnest, caring, responsible person of even average intelligence tries to learn at least something of politics, history and the human condition in hopes of being prepared for the weightiest office in the land.


–♦©M. D. Phillips–

Truth Presents the One and Only, Steadfast and Universal Currency for Human Interaction

Lies and slander corrupt the system and do so exponentially.
Without truth man is morally bankrupt, reduced to chaos, hurled inexorably backward into Babylon.
♣ Those with no respect for truth will live in the hell they took for heaven, stripped of the means to effect reform, shorn of the tools to obtain relief.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–

The Upshot of Ignorance Is Lies

Chaos makes precarious ground for argument.
♣ You can’t argue with ignorance for ignorance bides in chaos and in chaos premise for argument is conflated, logic in argument skewed, the fabric of truth around argument unwoven, its threads irreparably frayed.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–

Peace is Worth the Struggle

War is a failure to work for peace.
♣ Peace challenges. War kills.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–

When It’s Harder to Do Right Than Do Wrong

A brain is given, a mind developed, a soul cultivated. The first is sane, the next profound, the last purely sublime.
♣ The rational brain, appointed to man for better or worse, growth or stagnation, always craves proximity to a developed mind and soul. Alone, the rational brain succumbs to doldrums, tedium, restlessness.
Mind and soul constitute the rational brain’s only inner support, its only compatible partners. Combined, the three can grow a rich and burgeoning inner life. Without the flourishing inner life drawn from mind and soul, however, the rational brain, no matter how advanced, enjoys but shreds of the true meaning, wholesome pursuit, clear direction, gripping intensity and high aspiration otherwise gained by the synergy.
In the absence of a thriving inner life born of mind and soul and entrance into the brain of nettling doldrums, tedium, restlessness, what’s right seems counterintuitive, boring, hard, restrictive, what’s wrong instinctive, thrilling, easy, liberating. Insight blinds. Distinction blurs. Confusion rages. Truth languishes. Joy stifles.
The rational brain bereft of mind and soul begins to hunger but is thwarted. Short of nourishment the rational brain forms a nagging void and feeling pangs of hunger ventures outside to the semblance of nutrition that constitutes vice. The rational brain seeks to fill the nagging void with vice. Vice proves incompatible, insufficient, untenable. Soon the nagging inner void deepens. To compensate, the rational brain consumes more vice without avail. The void sinks to a veritable abyss. The rational brain begins to starve. Blinding insight, blurring distinction, languishing truth, stifling joy, raging confusion all compress, implode on themselves and finally reduce to nothingness. What vestiges of mind and soul remain start to die and the rational brain gradually follows.

–♦©M. D.Phillips–

Hope and Wear a Slicker

Hope springs eternal but so do the torrents.
♣ If every cloud has a silver lining, it’s probably gathering rain.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–

Wait for the Sun

Maintain hope but watch your step.
♣ Knowing it’s darkest before the dawn won’t stop you from stubbing a toe.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–


Live and Learn

The roads to true enlightenment and decadence can be one.
♣ There are those for whom the path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom, then there are those for whom it shuts down at the park bench of ruin.

–♦©M. D. Phillips–